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Heikin-Ashi: Don't Jump Into An Empty Pool $BTCUSD

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$BTCUSD weekly heiki-ashi chart


Heikin-Ashi: The Market Remains Bullish $SPX


Heikin-Ashi Shows $ADBE Bullishness

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Technically Speaking, Another 70 Points to Go. $SPX

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The Gold Miners May Be Ready. Not Yet. $GDX

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Timing with Heikin-Ashi $FB

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Signs the Market Is Getting Weak $SPX

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A Long and Technical View of the Market $SPX

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Trading Bitcoin? Use Heikin-Ashi to get the trends right $BTCUSD


Another Contribution to Your Alternative Pension Fund $NOC
(How to Marry Heikin-Ashi and A Profitable Stop)

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Your Alternative Pension Fund $AMZN

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Why the Psychological Line Is A Market Barometer $SPX

$SPX monthly psychological line (heikin-ashi)