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2017 Bear Market? Think Twice and Think Heikin-Ashi $SPX

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$SPX yearly heikin-ashi haDelta chart


Trade with Combined Heikin-Ashi and Price Bar Charts $SPX

$SPX monthly heikin-ashi and price bar charts


Get the Trend with Bake-Ashi (and Heikin-Ashi) charts $SPX

$SPX bake-ashi chart


Do You Trade without Heikin-Ashi? Think Twice $FTSE

$FTSE monthly heikin-ashi chart


Why This Time Is Serious $EURUSD

$EURUSD monthly haOscillator chart


Another Proof of Advanced Heikin-Ashi Signals $EURUSD

$EURUSD daily haDelta haOscillator chart


Use Heikin-Ashi to Get Market Rallies $DJIA

$DJIA $DIA daily heOscillator S-oscillator chart


Bake-ashi, Another Charting Technique for the Market $SPX