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$SP-500: Time for A Pause

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$SPX daily heikin-ashi chart


$SP-500: Follow the Trends with Heikin-Ashi

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$SPX weekly heikin-ashi chart


$HD: Some Say Buy. Not Yet.

$HD weekly heikin-ashi chart


$TWTR: Time for a Pause

$TWTR weekly heikin-ashi chart


$NEO: First, Wait for the Pullback, Then...

$NEO daily heikin-ashi chart


$ADBE: Heikin-Ashi (Trends) and Trailing-Stop (Risk)

$ADBE monthly heikin-ashi chart


$QQQ: Heikin-Ashi and Trends for the Technology ETF

$QQQ heikin-ashi weekly chart


$TSLA: Signs of Slowdown

$TSLA heikin-ashi s-oscillator daily chart


$AUDUSD: In a Downtrend, the Reactions Are Small and Work As Traps

$AUDUSD weekly heikin-ashi chart


$SPX: My Favorite Heikin-Ashi Market Breadth Chart

$SPX daily market breadth


$SPX: A Heikin-Ashi Market View: Cycles and Trends

$SPX daily psychological line + heikin-ashi chart


$MSFT: It's All About Heikin-Ashi + Your Stop-Loss

$MSFT monthly heikin-ashi chart


$AAPL: When In Doubt, Choose Heikin-Ashi

$AAPL daily heikin-ashi chart


$SPY: Weakness (haDelta)

$SPX monthly haDelta chart


$AAPL: You Can Have the Best Indicators, but a Trailing-Stop Is Worth More

$AAPL daily heikin-ashi haDelta chart


$SPX: Breakout (positive bias) with a 2.30% risk

$SPX daily heikin-ashi chart


$SPX: Warning: Too Many Bumps off the Support

$SPX monthly heikin-ashi chart


$FB: It Pays Off to Prepare on Weakness

$FB daily heikin-ashi chart


$FTNT: Where to Buy in an Uptrend

$FTNT daily heikin-ashi chart


$AAPL A Combo Heikin-Ashi :: Fine Oscillator

$AAPL weekly heikin-ashi chart


$AMZN Advanced Bullish Signal with haDelta and Less Noise 

$AMZN monthly haDelta chart


$AAPL Is Losing Momentum  

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$AAPL weekly heikin-ashi haDelta chart


S&P-500, Near a Top    $SPX

$SPX daily heikin-ashi chart


The Safest Combination: Heikin-Ashi + Trailing-Stop

$FTNT daily heikin-ashi chart


$SPX: Confidence Builds Gradually

$SPX daily heikin-ashi S-oscillator chart


$SPX: Which Signal Do You Trust?

$SPX weekly heikin-ashi haDelta chart


$VIX (volatility): Falling, and Falling Hard

$VIX heikin-ashi daily chart


$SPX: Don't Take Unnecessary Risks. Use Probabilities.

$SPX daily heikin-ashi


$AMZN: Low-Risk Entries and Exits with Heikin-Ashi

$AMZN daily heikin-ashi chart


Despite the Pump & Dump, $BTCUSD is Going into Obliteration

$BTCUSD daily heikin-ashi cahrt


Daydreaming for Bitcoin Holders and Enthusiasts $BTCUSD


Oversold Signs for $AAPL

$AAPL weekly heiki-ashi haDelta


Preserve Your Capital. Don't Underestimate Heikin-Ashi $BTCUSD

$BTCUSD monthly heikin-ashi hadelta


Trying to Find a Bottom $AAPL

$AAPL daily haDelta


Time for the Seasonality Rally $SPX

$SPX MACD seasonality heikin-ashi


How Damaged is the Market? $SPX

$SPX Ichimoku and heikin-ashi daily chart


$SPX There is a 'Logic' Behind the Trend Extremes

$SPX weekly psychological line

$EURUSD On the Edge

$EURUSD haDelta chart