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 Different Types of Noise | $SPX

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$SPX monthly heikin-ashi chart


A Typical Heikin-Ashi Strong Signal for $TWTR

$TWTR monthly haDelta heikin-ashi chart


Replace Hope with Heikin-Ashi | $BTC.X

$BTC.X weekly haDelta chart


A Clear Heikin-Ashi Bearish Indication | $EURUSD


Weak Signs of Life for Bitcoin | $GBPUSD

$BTCUSD daily heikin-ashi haDelta chart


Example of a Falling Knife | $GBPUSD

$GBPUSD daily ha-Delta chart


Levels of an Oversold/bought Market | $SPX

$SPX daily market breadth chart


No Perfection, but Higher Lows and Higher Highs Count a Lot | $CRM

$CRM monthly heikin-ashi haDelta chart


A Bearish Triangle  | $SPX

$SPY weekly heikin-ashi haDelta chart


A Two-Step Impulse Verification  | $TSLA

$TSLA daily heikin-ashi haDelta chart


More Room to Fall | $SPX

$SPX daily heikin-ashi haDelta


1-2-3: It Doesn't Look Good At All | $BTC.X

$ETH.X weekly heikin-ashi haDelta chart


Trend, Stop-Loss, and Heikin-Ashi | $FTNT

$FTNT daily heikin-ashi chart


Waiting for a Swan | $SPX

$SPX daily Ichimoku heikin-ashi


It's Serious | $SPX

$SPX weekly heikin-ashi haDelta chart